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RIO Perception Fly Line

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  • Camo/Tan/Grey, WF6F
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  • Camo/Tan/Grey, WF7F
  • Camo/Tan/Grey, WF8F

Perception Fly Line

Rio designed its Perception Fly Line for anglers that would rather take fate into their own hands, instead of throwing a chunk of cheese in the lake and waiting for a nibble. This classic trout line puts an emphasis on precision with a refined taper that performs well in a variety of casting scenarios. A three-color pattern lets you gauge how much line you have out to reduce the risk of false casting over the back of the fish you're trying to catch, and the ConnectCore construction actually reduces stretching in the line for more efficient hook sets when that fish of lifetime takes your fly ever so gently.

  • A trout line that performs well in a variety of casting situations
  • ConnectCore technology reduces stretching for efficient hook sets
  • Three-color pattern allows you to quickly gauge how much line is out
  • MaxFloat Tip keeps tip floating high when fishing with dry flies
  • If you're buying a reel or spool and fly line, we'll be happy to rig it up for you; please give us a call at (855)-712-0513 for details
  • Item #RIO000A

Overall Length
[WF3F] 80ft, [WF4F, WF5F] 90ft, [WF6F, WF7F, WF8F] 100ft
Fly Line Weight
3wt, 4wt, 5wt, 6wt, 7wt, 8wt
Fly Line Style
Fly Line Type
weight forward
Taper Design
Front Taper
[WF5F] 5ft
Front Belly
[WF5F] 12ft
Rear Belly
[WF5F] 10ft
Rear Taper
[WF5F] 6ft
Running Line
[WF5F] 54ft
Recommended Use
fly fishing

Tech Specs

What do you think about this product?


>Rating: 5

Ah, so this is what's its like

I've put it through the wringer

For the longest time I didn't realize that the fly line I chose was holding me back - the difference was immediately apparent. Don't skimp on a bargain line.

>Rating: 5

Love it

I've used it several times

Casts great, floats great and great feel. Overall a really great line.

>Rating: 5

Rio Perception fly line

I've used it several times

Just recently got a new 6wt setup and paired this line with my Sage spectrum max reel. This line is very easy to cast and glides through the guides in my rod. The tip floats very well and is easy to detect a strike.

>Rating: 5

THE Line to get!

I've used it several times

Awesome all around line. Floats well, casts well, great taper and the low stretch gives great feel and solid hook sets. Would definitely recommend.

>Rating: 5

Love this line

The best

>Rating: 5

Love it!

I've put it through the wringer

Love this line, it floats nice and high. Cast with ease.

>Rating: 5

Bang for the buck

One of those lines you string up and never have to worry about. Casts effortlessly, handles cold temps and allows you to feel the fish all the way to the net.

>Rating: 5

Great paired with the Scott Radian

I've put it through the wringer

I've tested a bunch of different lines (Rio Grand, Gold, Perception, and SA Trout) with my Scott Radian (both 4 and 5 wt) and have found this to be the best line for the action. Loads perfectly, floats high, minimal memory.


Putting the perception to work!

Big South Dakota rainbow on the Rio Perception line.


Good catch!


>Rating: 5

Best Line I've Ever Had

I've put it through the wringer

For reference, I use this line with a 9 foot 5 weight Sage Response and fish many heavy nymph rigs, small dry flies, big air resistant hoppers, and some smaller streamers. This is one of the best roll casting lines I've ever cast, especially with heavy nymph rigs with clunky strike indicators. Overhead casting is also a dream with this, especially at longer distances. The in touch technology really does make a difference. Ever feel like your rod is just buckling and has no backbone with longer casts? That is actually an effect of the fly line stretching. You will not get that sensation with this fly line! The decrease in line stretch also helps with sensitivity to light bites and makes for really solid hook sets.

>Rating: 1

False Advertising from Backcountry

I returned this product before using it

When you search with google for the New " Rio In-Touch Perception " this comes out and it's advertised as the " Rio In-Touch " on the website but when you make the purchase you receive instead the Old Version of Rio Perception and not the New In-Touch that was advertised!? And I had to pay for return shipping which is just wrong! Probably my last purchase here.

I apologize for the confusion there Adrian. It looks like we removed the In-Touch from the title. I also refunded you the return shipping as well. Any time an item is different than what is advertised, give us a call or chat in and we can cover any return shipping fees.

The perception line, even though not labeled as such, does have the in-touch technology. This line was the first line that Rio utilized In-Touch with.

>Rating: 4

Perception changed? Mind changed.

I've put it through the wringer

I go between Orvis and Rio on a regular basis. Until I got the Perception line I was using an Orvis 3gen line on my 6wt. I was going to get a Rio Gold line (not a bad line at all) but the Perception had come out so I decided to try it out. WOW, yeah, there was a difference. Higher floating head and yeah, I could tell, a slightly better detection of subtle strikes. Granted, I use this on a streamer rod and this isn't a streamer specific line, but it turns over the big articulated stuff just fine. When faced with getting a new line I was going to get a Gold. But now that I've tried the Perception I'll grab one of these. Mind--changed.


Rio Trout Lines

Overview of Rio's trout lines Filmed on the world's best trout stream

Great video, Dan!

>Rating: 5

Complete Control

In the past I've put Rio Gold on most of my reels. I've really liked this line. Mends feel sharper and more precise. Casting even feels like it's easier to time. This floats exceptionally high and having multiple colors to gauge distance on longer casts has been unexpectedly beneficial.

>Rating: 5

Changed my mind about rio!

I've put it through the wringer

For years Ive been a huge fan of Scientific Anglers lines, mostly because of their durability, but when I got a new Guru reel, i wanted to try something different. DAMN am I glad that i did! The perception fly line is great. The 3 individually colored sections are great for knowing exactly how much fly line you have out (tip is 10 ft camo, 30 ft of tan, rest is gray) This line has the lowest amount of stretch compared to any other line on the market. This means better hook sets, better detection of strikes, and makes mending and casting all the more easy. The welded loop is strong and the line floats high. This is my new favorite line, i have one on my 5 wt do everything rod and i have one spooled up on my 7 wt streamer rod for when I want to throw a floating line.

>Rating: 5

Great all around line.

I've used it several times

Great all around fly line. Shoots long distances, makes delicate dry fly presentations, and has enough weight behind it to huck streamers. Highly recommended.


pink worm hatch was goin' off