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John S.

John S.

John S.

John S.wrote a review of on February 22, 2013

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I purchased the L/XL Charger at the time because I was falsely under the impression that's the only size in which it came. I was a little disappointed at first because when I received it, it turned out to overhang my board a little bit. I ended up trying it anyway and it worked great! I didn't notice any heel or toe drag as of yet and I really like the build quality of the Union Charger--it looks and feels sturdy. I mounted it on my board and charged the hill all day. It's pretty stiff and responsive! PROs--great build quality, very responsive, nice color, some adjustment is easy, I like the heel strap, comfy and damp ride. CONs--the adjustability is limited. It takes a bit of time to get it all adjusted and level of adjustment itself is not as much as I would have liked. 3 spots to adjust the heel cup/heel strap? Highbacks are stuck in one spot. meh. Also, the toe strap buckles stick at first... and one of the tension springs broke on the first day! it still worked, but I could hear it clanking around while i was shredding because it was loose. I didn't care for the TruFit toe strap. Normally I use a Burton binding with the toe cap strap. These I gave up and put it old school over the boot top. Worked out pretty well that way I must say.

Having said all that, i'm returning my purchase for the M/L binding. Charge On!