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Rodney Z.

Rodney Z.

Rodney Z.

Rodney Z.wrote a review of on May 25, 2009

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Upgrade for a few more bucks to the Ride SPi;

I've owned and riden the Burton line (Mission-CO2) and after switching to Ride's SPis I wouldn't go back. The aluminum chasis is bomb-proof. The straps are solid (don't break consistently like my Burtons did) and easier to adjust on the fly. The convertible toe strap works a lot better than the cap strap. Ride's ankle strap is also better designed, they are flatter and wider than the Burton line, which makes them lighter and more comfortable. I also like the base of Ride's bindings more than Burton's. It has a rubber sole on it that protects my board's top sheet instead of digging grooves into it like the plastic base of Burton's bindings do.

With the Missions you're buying the Burton name, not a quality binding...