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zeefreakwrote a review of on December 13, 2013

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Familiarity: I returned this product before using it

i was born horribly deformed. get this, i'm tall: 6'5" to be exact, and [if you have children present, you may want to ask them to leave the room] i have a 34" waist. i weigh between 190 and 220lb depending on the season, but my waist size doesn't change.

according to clothing manufacturer sizing, apparently the normal human growth curve is that as you get tall you also spread out like some kind of mirrored sideways bell curve. i must have a pituitary gland issue because only my z axis worked. the x and y stopped in my teens.

in all seriousness, these are really amazing pants. they are exactly what i'm looking for. i'm sad that they aren't made in yeti sizes. the large is perfect in the waist, but too short. the xl is miles too big in the waist, and frankly could still use a little more length. for the record, i'm not going for the baggy snow-thug look, i just want a pant that won't come over my boots when i step.

i'm pretty sad that clothing manufacturers, especially outdoor equipment companies seem to cater to folks that are out of shape rather than to folks that will actually use their gear for its intended purpose.

if there are any other mountain yetis out there that can suggest a great ski / touring pant that comes in a long, i'm all ears.

i'm going to give these a 4. they should be a solid 5, but i can't recommend them for anyone that is shaped like me.




zeefreakwrote a question about on February 13, 2013

i'm re-entering skiiing after a failed hiatus trying to learn how to snowboard - apparently i just don't do both feet tied to the same plane.

i'm a very aggressive skiier. once upon a time ski patroller. i'm interested in alpine touring and will be hitting the slopes at local ski resorts.

i'm having a terrible time trying to suss out the different dynafit bindings. i don't understand the difference between st and ft. [why does the radical ft have a bridge, and the radical st doesn't?] i also don't understand the difference between the vertical and the radical series. dynafit's site doesn't seem to have the info i'm looking for.

currently the only things i've got are my boots - a pair of scarpa pegasus'. can someone help me with my seemingly noob questions?