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Zachary  R.

Zachary R.wrote a review of on August 21, 2011

Almost a good pack
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I picked up this pack for a week long backpacking trip to Isle Royale NP, along the Minong Trail. The Minong trail is kind of difficult, but it should not destroy a brand new pack. The pack was packed with about forty pounds of gear when we hit the harder end of the trail. That's when the pack began to get stress tears where the pack meets the frame. The pack started to rip itself from its frame. I'm glad it did not completely rip from the frame, but there is no chance I'm taking it on another week-long; for fear I may be carrying my gear in my hands for most of the trip. It is a shame the pack tore, it's a very comfortable pack to wear, and I like the GridFit system on it, but the pack is made of cheap stuff at stress points where it shouldn't be made of cheap stuff. It is built to be a week long pack with fabric that seems that it should be on a small day pack or something. On a lighter note, that Buckhorn Brown color was not the envy of the trail!