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yoyoyoyoyoyowrote a review of on January 8, 2009

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I am 6'2" and 185.

Just got back from Utah where I road these back to back. Both were awesome.

These were demos so I had some off sizes - 167 for the ape and 157 for the trs.

I rode the ape fast - really fast. It carved like a dream. You could not skid this board out. It was a bit tough to initiate a turn vs. the trs.

I rode the trs fast and in power. This was my dream board. So easy to turn - effortless. Just think it and you were turning. I should have had the 162 because I washed out on some steeper stuff vs. carving and I think the extra length could have helped me hold an edge better.

Both were super stable at speed. As a person who rides all over the mountain, I would take the trs btx over the skunk ape. BUT, would try the new skunk ape with the banana tech first.