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Yingermanwrote a review of on May 13, 2013

Too big, too few features
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I adored the look of this watch's face, and I was able to nab this watch on SAC for $65. I was excited to get it, but I was thoroughly disappointed when I finally got it.

They don't show the side view, but this watch is hella-thick! Being made out of stainless steel, it's also super crazy heavy. So much so that it's top-heavy and wants to rotate on your arm, so the silicone band causes chafing.

The worst thing is that this watch doesn't even have the features to make it so heavy! It has touch screen, but it's finicky and difficult to work. It seems more like a gimmick than anything. Other than that and moon phases, there's really nothing special about this watch besides its beautiful front face.

I do not recommend this watch to anyone. There are far cheaper and more useful watches out there that won't break your wrist.