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yates_dan1542090wrote a review of on January 2, 2010

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I bought these because I work outside as a tree doctor/estimator for tree work in all kinds of conditions and properties, in all four seasons in Pennsylvania (I'm also a backcountry explorer, rock climber, backpacker, and general outdoor nut). I needed boots that fit our company's professional image but still performed like a rugged wilderness hiking boot. I couldn't be more pleased with their performance and styling - I've used them in 18" of snow, 3" slush, 1" per hour rain, ice covered pavement, 15 degree F mornings, rough rocky trails for miles, and long no-trail approaches to remote bouldering areas. They are warm, surprisingly lightweight (compared to my all-star Montrail Torre GTX's - about 1/2 the weight), very dry, and took almost no time to break in to be comfortable all day long. I've received numerous compliments from my co-workers (highly unusual), and I've even worn them with a shirt, tie, and sportcoat when I took my wife out to dinner on New Year's Eve in freezing rain. I'm already planning to buy a second pair. I already owned a pair of Patagonia Huckleberry approach shoes, size 9.5, and sized these boots the same. The boots have stretched just a little bit, but not enough to make me wish I'd sized down. I highly recommend these for anyone.





yates_dan1542090wrote a review of on August 12, 2008

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My closest climbing friend has these Jet 7's and seems to be crushing two grades harder since he got them (he trains like a monkey on amphetamines too...) I've been climbing in Anasazis for 3 years and love them for everything but really steep bouldering. The v10's I've been climbing in on steep stuff are great for masochists, but just as I am starting to be able to take more than one burn at a time in them, the heel cup has started slipping off on hooks. How do the Jet 7's size compared to Anasazis? Should I go up, down, or take the middle path??