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Hiking & Camping a review of on March 21, 2007

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I've tried FAR too many packs, trying to find one that ACTUALLY fits a woman. THIS IS THE ONE!

The frame is not only wonderfully supportive to a woman's body, but AMAZINGLY comfortable!!! The top storage holds MUCH more than I anticipated, and the side pocket storage is very handy!

This pack is especially GREAT at supporting the LOWER back area, so any ladies out there with lower back problems or even if you get those nasty menstraul cramps back there, I would HIGHLY recommend this pack for you!

Shoulder straps were comfortable and had no 'pressure points' problems for me. The ONLY thing I wish it had was CLIP straps on the bottom, instead of just pull straps... it would make it easier to strap a bag down there.




0 Comments a review of on March 21, 2007

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I was always a Nalgene chick, but these ROCK!

They're MUCH more stylish
MUCH easier to use with carabiners
They don't keep nasty "bottle after taste" locked in from previous drinks (gatorade etc...)
and are MUCHO MUCHO lighter!!!
The ONLY con I see is that they're easier to dent than Nalgene, but that's only if you lunge into spontaneous fits of rage and take it out on your SIGG bottle. ;) So... if you can keep your temper =D lol then you'll LOOOOOOOVE it too!!!! =D