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woodenpicklewrote a review of on November 16, 2010

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I bought a pair of these for commuting to work (8-10 miles each way depending on the route). They are decent down to around 42F. I've ridden with them on colder days and the tips of my fingers do get cold after 5 or 6 miles. As already stated they don't have much in the way of "normal" cycle glove padding, but I'm riding a commuterized, rigid-frame mountain bike with pretty cushy rubber grips so they work fine for me.

A note about size, I generally have to get XL cause my fingers are kinda long even though XL is usually too roomy. I got L in these and sure enough, my fingers are a bit too long for them. They're not uncomfortable for the work commute, but they'd get that way on longer rides I think.





woodenpicklewrote a review of on January 21, 2010

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I'm surprised to see the negative reviews on this bag. The complaints about the size are completely unfounded. The bag's volume is no secret, you can find the cubic inches published in many places. If you're looking for something larger, Patagonia makes a few other options you may want to look into.

I've had one of these for a year or so now and have used it a few times while traveling to New Jersey, Chicago and Las Vegas. Each trip was 3-4 days and I took only the MLC Wheelie and my computer bag. This bag had no problem swallowing the necessary clothing needed for each trip.

Now to address a couple specific issues; I actually liked that the inside of the bag was divided by the handle, it made for easier organization of the small stuff. This isn't the MLC, so yeah, it has a handle and has to make up for it somewhere. And I'm pretty sure Patagonia used larger than standard wheels on purpose to make the bag easier to handle (they mention them specifically in their description).. It's not like they just did it as a joke.

At any rate, I wouldn't put much credibility in a lot of the complaints. Most of them are petty and sound like they come from someone that hasn't had/used the bag long enough to qualify to review it.

It's a Patagonia bag and you can expect the same Patagonia quality and service. I've had an under-seat gear bag for probably 12 years now and I still use it a dozen or so times a year. I'm looking forward to saying the same thing about this bag in 10 years.