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wolfsbreathwrote a review of on January 22, 2007

3 5

strengths: LIGHT !

weaknesses: 1. can be a little tricky to step in the toe piece with snow/ice covered shoes...just a little annoying
2. the heel piece occasionally (in wet snow conditions) spontaneously switches from climbing to skiing mode...this sucks,it always happens in the most tricky part of the climb, you have to REMOVE the ski, turn the heel back to climbing position and step back into the toe piece
and now the worst: 3. the plastic plate of the toe piece is hollow, concave when looking from the bottom. With extreme forward lean of the boot and the toe piece lock in climbing position it breaks easily. I had to replace one of them a couple of months ago and today it happened again! With the plate broken the toe piece releases with the slightest twist of the boot, means YOU CAN'T CLIMB...I had to bootpack 1000 vertical feet uphill in thighs deep snow. I felt like you might want to know about this.

N.B.: my bindings are 3 years old model. I had a quick (not a close) look at some other guy's dynafits and those plastic plates looked different. maybe they fixed this problem