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william_rhettb2274269wrote a review of on February 17, 2009

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Bought this bag two days before a trip out west - please note this bag is advertised as a bag designed for air travel, and to endure the rigors associated with it...this bag tore the very first trip on which I ever used it, even though I wrapped the board in blankets, etc.

I inquired to Burton about a repair or replacement and they basically gave me a big F.U. (didn't even respond to my email, and told my local supplier to simply tell me too bad) - evidently their warranty policy has changed and this situation is now the buyers problem

IMO, Burton has gotten so big they no longer care about the individual buyers - needless to say I will no longer be purchasing Burton products, and I suggest you stay away from this one until they revisit the design/manufacture process for this bag and improve it to withstand the use it is designed/advertised for