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willwrote a question about on December 17, 2010

I am 6ft 160 pounds. i ride a 158 rome agent (traditional camber, fairly stiff board) and wear size 10.5 DC boots.. my shoe size seems to be inbetween sizes for most binding companies, any advice towards which way i should go with the size is appreciated.

ive been riding a really old model of flow bindings forever, which are pretty stiff as well. but they just broke the other day... I was thinking about trying a binding less stiff so i can have more fun in the park with jibs and tweaking out grabs, but i also want stability for hitting big jumps and trying bigger spins. how much of a difference is there between types of bindings? and do i want to have a stiff binding to match a stiff board? I also love the convenience of the flows, i notice i get more laps in the park than anyone else, but if traditional bindings really are better then i will seriously consider them in order to progress my skill, and i guess they are cheaper.

ive heard a bunch of good things about union naturally. and research has lead me to the forces, but the contact and contact pro look sexy as well. which sounds best for my riding style and the gear i have now?

ive even heard good news about burton bindings too. (i usually stay away from burton and their expensive overrated snowboards) what do burton bindings have going for them that union doesnt? or vice versa. they are usually talking about something to do with a better feel of the board under your feet or something that makes the board flex more natural...

i havent gotten new bindings in a while as you see, so ive got lots of questions. but any help and feedback is much appreciated. I want to make a good investment. thanks