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Will L.

Will L.

Will L.

Will L.wrote a review of on May 2, 2013

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First: great bindings. I LOVE the angled footpads because it naturally supports your stand on a snowboard.

NOTE: I didn't buy these from Dogfunk directly, but I thought I would give my honest review about them here since I've shopped here before.

I rode 40+ days this season in good ol' CO on these bad boys and these bindings are awesome once you get to know them. Yes, they do have 4x4 inserts (the screws they give you are a weird 2 pair connected together), but they also come with screws that you can place individually in the inserts. I use the weird 2 pair screws and offset them (far left, far right) which in turn allow my board to 'naturally' bend without the 'restriction' of my bindings, to provide extra flex on it.

At first, the screws would come loose after every 3rd run or so, but once you figure out that they have to be screwed on REALLY tight (compared to the ride bindings I had in the past, but really I think I was being a 'Nancy' about screwing my bindings on my board too tightly), there have been no issues. Also, the foot pads on them also have a screw which has to be screwed on tight as well.

Once you tune your bindings, it's all smooth riding from there.