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Walter M.

Walter M.wrote a review of on August 16, 2010

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ok guys i put this through the 8 person cooking for 5 nights test and this set up rocks. so first i read the handle lock should be held foward while picking up the pot and thats probally sound advice i did it and had no problems with the set up. so the pot is a 4 cup unit so you can cook a 4 person meal but you will spill the pot is just a tad too small, maybe if it was a 5 cup pot this would be unstoppable set up but thats all i have bad to say. the igniter rocked and i used one can of gass for all 5 days cooking 3 times a day. i had a system going i would heat up the water to a boil then transfer it to the bowl that comes with it and mix in food and let it sit in that and used it for a serving bowl also. that worked wonderful as soon as the food was ready i had water heated up for round two and so on. it really takes 2-3 min for water to boil and that is wonderful for the morning coffee rush before breakfast. anyway the complete set would rock for one to two persons but i thought it rock for what i tried to do with it. i am very pleased but will look for a 5 - 6 cup pot for those large groups. i would gladly put my primus up agienst any other cook systems on the market, now if i added my primus yellowstone stove to the mix bamb can touch this....i loved it