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W/o - Nicholas N.

W/o - Nicholas N.

W/o - Nicholas N.

W/o - Nicholas N.wrote a review of on October 24, 2013

Love/Hate this Tent
2 5

Familiarity: I've used it several times

Tent was used:
6 Nights on the High Sierra Trail (HST) in Sequoia National Park from the Giant Forest to Mt. Whitney in early/middle September 2013. Weather ranged from stormy and windy to dry.
1 Night in a storm in Lassen National Park in early October
1 Night in north central Oregon in early October

-Great size for me. I'm 5'7" and the length is perfect.
-I love the large entry door
-This is the easiest and fastest tent i've ever broken down.
-Amazingly Compact and very light when packed
-Seam sealer included

-Condensation Condensation Condensation
-Pole seats in corners
-usually a footprint allows you to properly guage where to set stakes, this footprint didn't doesn't do that.
-require you to seam seal the tent

I really wanted to like this tent, the size and setup is almost perfect (would be perfect is the screen on the door was the same size as the door and not just a window at the top). The problem for me was condensation. 7 of the 8 nights i used the tent there was condensation, including a couple of dry cold night. It really didn't matter if i kept the windows open or closed nothing seemed to work. In the morning my sleeping bag was damp anywhere it touched the tent. Setup is kind of a bear as well, and is made much easier if you stake the tent down first and then insert the poles. The poles are supposed to be inserted into a button on each of the four corners of the tent, but often times its hard to keep the poles seated while trying to insert them into the opposite button, there has to be a better way. After some use the tent stretched a little and this became slightly easier. The second time i setup the tent the pole slipped out and poked a hole through the bottom of the tent. I didn't have any leaking issue, and I did seam seal the tent. In the end the condensation was too much and as pricy as this tent is I returned it. Hope this helps