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vondehlwrote a review of on June 20, 2011

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When trekking around the Yucatan Peninsula, visiting ancient Mayan ruins and whatnot, you can't underestimate the power of looking like a complete American tool in this hat.

You'll stand out like an oasis of money in a desert of poor. There'll be so many offers to buy woven bracelets and keychains made from clay and spit you'll be able to mutter the words "No gracias" in your sleep, but at least your face and neck will be partially shielded from the brutal equatorial sun.

The Sunday Afternoons Adventure Hat is light and crushable, and you wouldn't even know you have it on if not for the snickers of tiny Mayan children, trying desperately to contain their amusement at your atrocious sense of fashion, even for an American. If they offer you black knee socks to go with your sandals, simply toss a handful of pesos behind you, remove the hat and quickly blend with the German tourists at the buffet line.

The versatility of this hat is amazing! Not only did it prevent my alabaster face from blistering to a crispy shade of "Nantucket Lobster", but it also did double duty shielding my bulky DSLR camera from the many random, spontaneous downpours as I trudged back to the bus, soaked to the bone and looking like the only idiot who forgot to bring a hat to the Yucatan rainforest.

All in all, a quality buy and an essential companion to your family size tube of zinc oxide. Just remember to take it off and hide it behind your back before they take that picture of you in front of the pyramid at Chichen Itza.