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jadeheartwrote a review of on June 18, 2012

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I bought this bag for my 10'6" PSH and it fit like a glove. Works beautifully and really protects the board (I go on a lot of long distance road trips). Only issue I have is I wish the zipper went further down the bag. I'm not a very big person (5'5") so it takes some maneuvering for me to get the board into the bag, especially since the board is so long too. But once I figured out a system it works great. The bottom of my board is gray so when I drive on a hot day it really heats up, in the bag the board stays nice and cool because of the reflective surface. One of the best and most well padded bags I've seen out there.

Just bought a 9'6" for my new 9'1"! :)