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vadimwrote a review of on July 31, 2010

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This stove is simple. Generally, its good- the simpler construction, the more reliable device is. Its also relatively light, which is important if you are not just camping near your car. But not too light if you add canister with fuel. Considering both the stove part and full canister its not a lightest stove there is. Its also not that stable as advertised- I did not find it any more stable than those 'not stable' propane stoves. It is also more cumbersome in operation than propane stoves-not very convenient to pump the canister when stove is in operation (almost impossible)because of the way canister is connected to the stove. I abandoned my old heavy $20 Coleman hoping to get lighter, smaller better stove. For $90 I got a LITTLE smaller, LITTLE lighter, MAYBE more reliable stove that is more cumbersome in operation and does NOT let you regulate a flame which I considered as given function on any stove (so I did not even look for keyword 'simmering' when choosing new stove). So if you want more than just boil water with this guy you are in trouble. Another model that have this very simple but essential feature costs more and runs only on white gas. And while gasoline or propane is widely available I could not find white gas anywhere in my recent trip to Tetons - suspecting this I bought multi-fuel stove and it worked fine on some Coleman fuel mix. But you can't really cook on it without been able to regulate the flame. All in all this is OK stove that will not do for me (as being too simplistic) and should cost about $$20-30.