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tro112159824wrote a review of on October 11, 2018

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Familiarity: I've used it several times

I have a few sets of waders. All are of the breathable, stocking foot style. My primary, go-to waders are now the Gallegos. I purchased my first set in 2017 and absolutely loved them! Recently, I planned a trip to far away streams and thought I’d get a back-up set... in-case a failure occurred and if I switched rivers before my 24hour minimum dry/decon period was reached. I just can’t say enough about the fit and construction of these!!! The booties are contoured to assimilate the shape of one’s foot so they feel just like a thick sock on the foot instead of tending to bunch up. The hand warmer pockets are outstanding when you are in need of lighter setup (warmer weather) but water temps are extreme. I know they are quite spendy, but for me, having super high quality is paramount to my comfort and fishing experience. Ya, I could go out in neoprene with integral rubber boots but they are generally just misery. My Rio Gallegos model’s are (as mentioned) zip fronts. Being getting on in years now, this just makes donning and doffing easier, less of a circus and of course when nature decides it’s time to do what we all do, the process is streamlined. So now my other mfr waders are used as secondary backups and relegated to the role of emergency preparedness. The Patagonia’s are absolutely so much more comfortable and pleasant to wear that I can go all day without ever thinking about them. They’re like a second skin. As far as fit goes, I’m 6’0”, waist size 38-40” and typically wear 2x shirts and have a 33” inseam. Shoe size is 10-10.5 and both sets of waders are XL-Reg and they fit like I was the model they used for this size. Just a tad big in the waist so I can layer under the waders but not robust enough to look like I’m swimming in them. They are a perfect fit! Lastly, the suspenders allow the waders to very easily drop down which allows you to wear at the waste in a very no-nonsense way. I would be very impressed if any other brand ever makes it into my wader bag!!