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topomapwrote a review of on March 28, 2011

3 5

I bought this helmet in the hope of finally having a single helmet that I could use for skiing, rock climbing, river tubing, and whatever other random activities come up.

So far I've only use it for skiing. It fits well, ventilation works well (I occasionally put my hood up because my head gets cold), and seems to do a decent job of protecting my noggin.

My only complaint so far is the goggle clip, which is a total afterthought on an otherwise well-designed helmet. It doesn't hold your goggle strap in place very well and fell off during the first wreck I had. So I ordered another one and superglued it on. The second clip has held so far, but catches on stuff in my ski bag and I expect I'll break it eventually.

One trick I have found is to use the extra velcro dots that came with the helmet to help hold my ski goggle in place. They seem to be working okay so far.

I'll give it another star in a few months if the helmet holds up well to summer use.




topomapwrote a review of on August 7, 2006

4 5

The funky Salomon lacing system on these shoes works great - quick and easy to put your shoes on, and then relaiable when you're hiking - no more laces getting untied, caught on shrubs, easy to loosen/tighten up, etc. I use these shoes for hiking, and often wear them around camp with the lacing loose - unlike a regular shoe, I don't have any trailing laces to trip myself.

One other thing I like about these shoes is the big rubber toe guard - great for when you're hiking off-trail or scrambling up over rocks.

Potential Cons: The kevlar laces are held in place by a plastic speed-lace widget that could break. I've never had any problem with this, but it would really suck if this plastic thing were to break. I bet you could jerry-rig some sort of fix to get back to civilization, but it would be significantly more difficult to fix than regular laces.