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t.op445446wrote a review of on April 9, 2013

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This is my first non-traditional camber board. The Berserker still has a good amount of camber thru most of the board tho, so easy transition for me. I've been riding for 25yrs and like to ride smooth and hard - this board makes it easy to do that. The rocker in the nose has kept me surfing on 2ft heavy pow days, and it mows down crud and variable stuff like a champ. I would say the nose rocker/flex is spot on - doesn't fold up when it hits chunky stuff , but gives enough to not throw you off line. The pop-rods seem to work too- if you lean into the nose, you get good energy back.
While not overly cambered, this board is fairly stiff so if you like a board with a soft, forgiving tail you might want to look elsewhere. Personally I like it, and there has only been a couple of occasions in hard bumps where I have thought it might not suit everybody ;) Rides switch better than any board I've had to date, but it is def more of a hard-charging board more than it is a gib-stick. Fast as you want, but still sweet making tight turns in the trees.
I hot waxed it three times in the first three weeks and I've been gliding past everybody - skiers included!
The graphics are sick!!! I keep noticing new shit - like the wood core being visible in a couple of places. This board is quality, and a steal at $299, but if you are not an experienced and/or hard-charging rider, you might be better off on something with more rocker.
Personally, I'm stoked with this board and think it will only get better as it loosens up. Can't wait for next season ;))