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tlaucomerwrote a review of on July 20, 2010

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The Eureka K2 XT tent is well constructed, attention to detail, and for the most part all the extras (storage, ventilation, fly, vestibule) well thought out and easy to use. Goes up/takes down easily in all weather. My wife and I mostly kayak on wilderness lakes, where winds/rain up to 40mph 1"/hour don't bother. Likely can take more. Used in Rocky MTs to 10,000 ft.
Downsides include too tight for three, unless you're young and don't know better...cause the vestibule (front) is about 12 sq feet and about 3 feet high, given the door slants. The rear vestibule, such as it is, allows one to store about one backpack of gear, but then that door is blocked to get out.
So...if you gotta cook in the forward vestibule, which so far I haven't, it's tight, and one would have to be very careful.
That being said, for canoe/kayak/car camping, or if you can split the load, even backpacking, this is a very good tent for the price, given what's out there.
Just for perspective, I've been through the Tetons, Wind Rivers, most of Colorado, Wyoming, much of Montana and Idaho in my old smelly Holubar kit I built in 1974, which dates me...and that tent has never yet leaked nor blown over. It weighs 6 lbs and has a 20 sq foot 4.5 ft high vestibule two people can sit under and cook all day. There are no tents built like this today.True story. If there is leave a comment...I want one.
But the Eureka is still an excellent tent for what it is, based on the proven North Face VE 25 design, and has a larger vestibule.