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tjbrandtwrote a review of on July 22, 2012

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It's a classy looking harness being mostly black with subtle detailing--just what I was looking for instead of the super girly brightly colored ones. However the way the waist adjusts shifts the gear loops around toward the back if it's not cinched as tight as it can go. Also, the front two gear loops stick out nice and high, which is a little weird. They push down easily though and would probably stay down with the weight of any gear.

I have a really narrow waist with some very wide hips, and I found this to be uncomfortable. I also purchased a couple Black Diamonds to try along with it (and send back the ones that didn't work out), and those are shaped much better for us with wider hips proportionally. Both had very similar shape, so I'm assuming all Women's BDs will continue that shape.

I got a small expecting it to be pretty close fit, but there was plenty of extra room--just the right amount. It seemed bullet proof and like it would hold up to absolutely anything, it just didn't fit my above my hips comfortably.