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timmypwrote a review of on June 7, 2007

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I've had 2 pairs of the Velocity and I consistently love them. They fit my feet fabulously and they are extremely durable too- my first pair I wore straight for 1.5 years before I got my new pair.
Immediately I ripped the mesh on the side on a sharp rock while scrambling in CO, then went on to wear them pretty much every day for 5 months in Africa (very harsh on footwear) and the tear never got bigger or became a problem.
I have worn them extensively both hiking and running in CO, the Winds, Kenya, etc. and my love for them remains, sans 2 Issues- These are dedicated runners and not good for hiking/scrambling/approach due to how flexible the tread lugs (= not stable) are and how quickly this sort of activity tears them off.
Also, the, thingy on the sole under the arch can make them treacherous on rocks, as it can slip very easily.
But if you want trail runners for trail running, these are great shoes.