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timwrote a review of on September 19, 2009

5 5

great light weight poles. I use them only on down hills and tricky bush-wacks. Love the fast flick locks and light weight. Actually I bent one on the first trip I used them. Tripped and fell head first into a bush with snowshoes on. Tried to role with it but ended up putting a lot of weight perpendicular to pole. It bent slightly and had a hard time collapsing. For only 12 bucks BD sent a new middle section for the pole! What company would do that? The color of the new section is different, but it makes for a good story.





timwrote a review of on April 23, 2009

4 5

I use them at work in the winter and when backpacking. Work means hiking in snow and through forest. Good grip and ankle support. I roll ankles like its my job but can't do it in these boots. Three complaints: 1. water proofing for snow is hard. I can walk through a sort stream and not get my feet wet, but snowshoeing is a problem. With snow melt working on them for a few hours they will leak through. They also seem so leak through the sole stitching. I've done about three re-water proofings with nik wax stuff. Works OK for rain, but after a full day of watery work, they will leak. Water-proofing also makes them steamy inside. So if you don't think you need waterproofing, don't do it.
2. I don't like the toebox. It's too Euro cut for my square american feet. There's not enough room for my little toe but too much room for the middle toes. Looks more like a girly cut on it than a guys. Size is true though.
3. What color lasses do you put on them? This is mostly a joke but really. Black would be too dull and everything else looks weird. Merrell should do this boot in brown.