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thommyherowrote a review of on September 23, 2011

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VANS has produced some amazing ROWLEY shoes on the past; and I've skated them religiously due to their vegan attributes, amazing durability and style.

Unfortunately, the SPV misses the mark in quite a few places.

Yeah, they look cool...and the all black/tuff-tech ones have a gnarly "I stole my dad's office shoes" trip going on, but the down side is that they are even more flimsy than a pair of AUTHENTICS. I walked into the skate park, stepped on a pebble (no sh*t) and...it actually HURT. Board feel, definitely, but land primo and you're done, son.

SO... if you MUST jump on the slim shoe wagon, do yourself a favor and save 20 bucks: spring for a pair of ERAs. Your feet will thank you, the shoes will last longer, and in 10 years you won't be one of those chumps asking "what the hell were we thinking???" (Anyone who experienced small wheels and BONITE boards will attest to this kind of shame.)