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thedoctawrote a review of on March 5, 2012

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first off, I own the S/M flat colourway, and I have size 8 Thirtytwo lashed boots. Ive ridden on these bindings around 12 times this season since i bought them in December. The Yes I Cant tech is very nice for a wide stance, and offers alot of cushion. The baseplate is slightly too narrow for my boot, and the toe strap is atrocious. The adjustment buckles are hard to undo, and no matter how I adjust them, I just can not keep them from crushing the toe on my left boot. The ankle strap is starting to lose its comfort, and seems to be stretching. V-rod base is nice allows my board to flex nicely. these bindings are suuuuper adjustable too. The ratchets do the job, but are annoying because sometimes they dont catch the teeth on the strap. don't expect your binding to look new for very long either, the paint scratches and chips easily.

overall, they do the job, but I wouldn't buy them again.