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Terry Kureth

Terry Kureth

Terry Kureth

Terry Kurethwrote a review of on November 17, 2008

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We awakened to about six inches of new fluff and it was still snowing hard when we loaded the chair. We made our first run down Crazy Horse, me on my Rossi Z 9s, and all we realized the conditions demanded fatter skis.
At the base area, we trooped in and selected demo skis. I chose a pair of 177 Volkl Mantras and we headed back up asap. We opted for a blue cruiser - Calamity Jane - as a warm up. My God what a fantastic ski: smooth, supple, excellent flotation, quick to answer skier input. I deliberately skied behind my friends, cutting across their wakes. Smooth as silk. No spooky change in speed, no hooky tips when snow consistency changed. After Calamity Jane, we headed for the ungroomed, steeper slopes, off piste. We hooted and hollored all day, and I really put those Mantras through their paces in just about every condition the day offered and they responded beautifully.
We skied down a blue groomer in the afternoon and they held as well on the "harder" surface as I am accustomed to experiencing with my Z -9s.
Truly, the Mantra can do it all.