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Tara J.

Tara J.

Tara J.

Tara J.wrote a review of on April 3, 2012

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I have had a pair of La Sportiva hiking boots (GTX Hiking - Ice (?)) for the last two years and they have brought me through thick and thin. I am a geologist and have covered a lot of ground over different types of terrain and these boots have served me well. I have skinny feet and ankles and I originally bought these because they were the only boot that (a) offered a narrower footbed (which is surprisingly hard among hiking boots; and (b) gave me the ankle support I need for billygoating on rocks while mapping or hiking. Plus, if you can find a La Sportiva pair that have the "Impact Brake System", or really just the extra grippy cut of the Vibram sole, it really is fabulous. I cannot tell you how many times I have saved myself from falling on loose talus or scree with that.

The only downside to these boots is that, well, they don't last forever. I have blown the outside seams from too much slope walking and the "Impact Break System" is worn down to an average hiking sole now from all the rough limestone. Here are also a few minor peeves I had with these boots: (1) even with thick hiking socks, these still weren't narrow enough.. but that's my fault, really... I have very narrow feet; (2) these are not an easily broken-in boot. You've got to take these bad boys on a long trek until they stop rubbing the back of your ankle; (3) the round shape of the laces make them easier on/off but can be irritating when you have to retie them (just tie 'em tight!); (4) can't waterproof the kind I had because it will ruin the Goretex (kind of waterproof) and suede outer; (5) and this one is kind of typical with mountainous hiking: make sure you lace up according to whether is mostly ascent or descent; otherwise the front of ankle will bruise or your toes will go numb. The high rise of these boots make that particularly important, imo.

Anyway, if you're looking for a high quality boot that you can even live in, this is it.