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Teena L.

Teena L.

Teena L.

Teena L.wrote a review of on December 29, 2008

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I got the North Face Wavelength Backpack in Ink Blue, but the picture on backcountry.com is a little bit misleading-- the actual blue color is lighter than shown in the photograph (which is the same photograph shown at the northface.com website, so both are misleading). Other than that, the backpack still looks great!

I was originally choosing between the Wavelength, Recon, and Borealis and I'm really happy I got the Wavelength.

The organizer pocket is really handy and what I really like about this backpack is that there are adjustable side lengths so if you have a lot of stuff, you can expand the side lengths. If you don't plan on carrying too much stuff, you can tighten the sides to "flatten" the backpack and it won't look like you have a huge empty backpack. Also, there's a space between the organizer "zip pocket" and the main compartment where you can put items that need easy access (like a hat, sweater, etc.) which is held in by a handy clip on the top. There's also a small elastic pocket on the backpack shoulder strap that fits my cell phone perfectly!

Great backpack! There are lots of pockets designed for convenient access to your gear.