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Taras S.

Taras S.

Colorado mountains, Utah deserts

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Road bike mostly, crash too often on the mountain bike and gave up alpine skiing cold turkey for the freeheel experience...

Taras S.

Taras S.wrote a review of on May 6, 2011

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Well, it is the only tele binding I have skied, so maybe my opinion does not count. It came so highly recommended, I would have been silly not to go with the Hammerhead. I ski exclusively lift assissted at ski areas, so I keep the Hammerheads on setting #4 and the binding feel solid. They cost more, but given the cost of a lift ticket, well worth it.

The only negative I have experienced is under certain conditions the bale wire can freeze up under foot and stay in the extended position, not springing back when your heal comes down. This can cause a ski to come off, which would be fine, but that darn leash becomes a boat anchor and down you go! I have had the wind knocked out of me on a few occasions... Best to flex the binding a few times before a hard pitch to be sure the spring is active.