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James S.

James S.

James S.

James S.wrote a question about on September 16, 2011

So, I've been trying to decide between a few options for a down parka/jacket and discovered it's rather difficult to track down the down fill weights.

After finally getting them, I thought I'd post them for easier comparison by others.

product (sz. L) weight (oz.) fill weight (oz.)
MHW A0 45 20.9
Marmot 8000m 40 19.17
EB peak XV 34.6 13.6
Marmot greenland 31 10.5

From EB customer service on fill weights for the peak XV jacket
FILL WEIGHT (OZ) 12.08 12.76 13.6 14.5 15.31

MHW A0 (source: other commenters)
Marmot 8000m (source: other commenters)
EB peak XV (source: EB rep)
marmot grnlnd (source: backcountry rep)





James S.

James S.wrote a review of on September 27, 2010

Sizing Issues?
5 5

I've got a pair of these (Sole Softec Response) and a pair of Sole's Ed Viesturs Signature Edition.

Both are great (comfortable, well-fitting, etc.), but I noticed a large discrepancy in the sizing between the two styles

The men's size 11 (W13) in the softec was a full size larger than the M11/W13 in the Viesturs (see attached photo).

I was able to trim them to fit, but it's something to keep in mind.

The Viesturs insoles fit perfectly out of the box; so trimming the Softecs allowed them to fit, but if I'd needed to trim the Viesturs then the softecs might have simply been too big, despite being the same 'size'.



James S.

James S.wrote a question about on May 28, 2009

The images for the 'quicklock' and 'locksafe' locking options are incorrect. DMMs website ( states the 'locksafe' gates are colored green and have a 3-step release. The 'quicklocks' are colored red and have a 2-step release.

If you look at the pictures themselves you can see (on one side) that the green colored gates have and three stage release and are the actual DMM locksafe gate. However, in the images they are labeled as the quicksafe.

So, my question is, if I want the the 3-step release gate (the actual 'locksafe' according to DMM) which one do I order; the one that is labeled locksafe or the one that has a picture of the locksafe.

Another way to ask this is, did backcountry mix up the images or did they mix up the names?

Thanks for your help.