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Stephen L.

Stephen L.

Stephen L.

Stephen L.wrote a review of on January 17, 2010

5 5

Flow boards get no love, and they deserve a lot of love. This board is the bee's knees, man.

First, the base is awesome. When I got this board I was completely confused, the bottom wasn't smooth. It has these kind of grooves in them that run down the board. These grooves are freaking awesome. When you're landing or doing a manual or something, and you start twisting your body and your board, the base fights your twisting (which would make you crash) and helps keep you on the right track.

Second, the stiffness is perfect. Manuals are easy as pie, yet it has plenty of pop, it's poppin fresh. The Quantum just wants to land shiz for you. It lands jumps great and it just wants to go straight down the hill. There's no fighting this thing, because it's always working with you, instead of against you like some of the other boards I've ridden.

Down the hill the board is pretty sweet too. It gives a good ride and handles great on ice or pow.

The difference between this board and the crappy 2004 xxxxx Clash I was riding is epic. I felt so overconfident when I got this board that I not only crashed and gave myself a mild concussion, but I also gave myself a bloody nose. This thing is an awesome board that makes everything easier to do, so you can start doing harder stuff instead of wasting time on silly little tricks and crashing while everyone on the lift is laughing at how you can't ollie and you're falling on your face on the bunny hill. I've gotten a lot better with this board, and my manuals are looking good and I just landed my first 180 ollie on this board tonight. Once I got over the initial shock of how awesome this board is, I got my stuff together and started doing some sick tricks.

The board itself is tough. I've already hit some rails and boxes, and there isn't a scratch on it. It's tough, no scratches yet, but I'd imagine that with the fancy base it'd be a lot harder to fix than a regular board.

Also, the board looks way sweeter in real life than it does in the pics. The board has some sick decals that you can only see if you have the board in front of you. Going between matte and shinny, there's plenty of sick stuff on the board. So, it's not matte or shiny, it's both. It's hard to explain but it's kind of like they put matte decals over the shiny board, which makes for a really cool effect when the light is hitting it right.

This board is freaking awesome and you'll be doing tricks you struggled to do before with ease and you'll be stepping your game up to the next level quicker with this board. I usually spend money like crazy and buy new stuff all the time, but I plan on riding this Quantum for years and years. Dogfunk is also awesome, they changed my order at the last minute and I can't thank them enough for doing it. I'm one happy camper with this board.

Scotty freakin Lago uses it, man. Get it! I love this board.