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Steve P.

Steve P.

Steve P.

Steve P.wrote a question about on November 29, 2012

Need help desperately on sizing as I have an order pending and don't want to have to order and return as I live in Canada and the logistics are a bit pricier.

I am 6'2" tall and 240 lbs with a 48" chest. My weight has normally been about 210-215 but my chest size would remain at 48" or even 49" as even when I'm lighter my chest and shoulders are larger due to weight training - my recent weight gain occurred after an inactive period in my life rehabilitating after a car accident and is mainly in the belly. I plan to get rid of it soon and it is mainly the fit through my chest and shoulders that I'm concerned with - a little tightness in the belly area can be tolerated in the shorter term.

What size would allow for layering a puffy (Stoic Down Cardigan or North Face Redpoint Optimus or even Mt. Hardwear Sub Zero down) under the shell - after all it is a shell.

The sizing charts have changed in that it says that I should now order an XXL but the chart on the site a week ago as well as some former reviews state that an XL should be best.

Anybody with some info that could be helpful would be extremely appreciated.