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Todd B.

Todd B.

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Todd B.

Todd B.wrote a review of on September 1, 2008

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hey. just took this pack sans lid for a day hike to see how it would do. held up nicely just as it did on the overnighter i took it on a few weeks before.

as a point of curiosity, today at the waterfall/swimming hole, i threw the pack in the water and used it as a flotation device. overall a success, but beware of the outer zippered pockets.. i failed to remember the drainage hole at the bottom of the large one and how the small one is only kept separate by some stretchy, non-water resistant material. i'd imagine the lid isnt dunkable either, but that's for me to find out later.

as a response to the guy who said it was an odd shape at the bottom: i just pack in my sleeping bag without the stuff sack. it fills in the space nicely and you can just cram stuff on top of it. its worry-free, even with my down bag since.. well.. its a drysack.

my straps squeak too.. not sure what to do about that. great pack though. cant wait to use it again.