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snowboarding femmewrote a review of on March 31, 2008

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I've had these bindings for the 07-08 winter season. They've worked well until now, after my 10th run with them. The latches on one binding has come loose and I've tried to hook the wire back on, but there's not enough wire to withstand the latch action that you do when strapping/unstrapping the bindings to your boots. In other words, the latches don't bounce back to the strap. This may sound confusing, sorry, because I don't really know what to call those pieces that got loose. The problem is quite an inconvenience and I had hoped that I had paid more for better bindings. I suggest you spend a little more for yours unless you plan to use them for only one season.

As far as getting them to fit on my board, it does take effort to put them on my burton board and I've had to tighten the screws after every two or three days on the slopes. This may be an issue with bindings in general (I don't go through a lot of bindings).