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Sara T.

Sara T.

Sara T.

Sara T.wrote a review of on July 20, 2012

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I LOVE my Kelty. I bought it just before a trip and now that I am out of town, I don't know what I would have done without it. It is very maneuverable - I only need one hand for it, both running and walking, even to do curbs or whatever. It closes down small for traveling.

With respect to running - I LOVE it. I run with it everyday, and it stays very much on track so I can run fast along-side with only my right hand guiding the stroller. I am a woman and not particularly strong, yet this is still very easy to do.

The sun shade is wonderful! I had a jogging stroller in the past, and the sun shade seemed to never actually keep the sun out of my children's eyes. This one works at almost every angle, and it is secure - does not move with wind.

The adjustable handle is very handy. I have adjusted differently for running or walking in the city.

The baggage holder is good - holds enough and does not drag. The elastic pouches are very useful for me to put my wallet, keys and phone in while running. That way the don't bounce around.

Finally, about, the package came quickly and free. Can't beat that. While it was a bit costly, I would never go back. I sometimes wonder, for as active as I am, how I ever survived with my old strollers (I had two - a regular mid-size one for walking, and a big clunky running one.) They were so bulky, impractical, and not even maneuverable!

If I have one complaint, it is that the snap latches on the sides to secure the stroller in its standard position for use are very hard to snap. I get it snapped, but it is difficult - this could be easier. But that is my only complaint.