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Stuart W.

Stuart W.

Stuart W.

Stuart W.wrote a review of on March 1, 2013

Worst shoe ever?
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Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

This is the worst shoe I have ever owned. But why is it so bad?
1) It is glued together by children in China or Vietnam so you know its the poorest of quality
2) I used them as a work boot in rough terrain. I thought this would be fine for walking long distances with a heavy pack. Boy was I wrong.
3) They are super comfy if you just wear them around the city. Its a walking shoe not a hiking "boot"
If you dont believe me I am posting pictures of what my boots looked like after 4 months (only 4 months!) of daily use hiking long distances (~10 miles a day). Keen sucks, they really are the worst quality boots out there. Unfortunately they are trendy and people want them. Fork out some extra dough and get quality boots if you want long use. I'd recommend Zamberlain or Asolo.
In my pictures you will see that both my boots failed in the same place, causing huge holes in the side of my boots to let lots of dirt under my sole. If you're into that, these boots are great! The holes came open on day 17 (Right boot) and day 53 (left boot) of my job. A fox chewed my lace in half so I cant blame keen for that, but I wish I could. Trad on the bottom started coming off within the first month.
Keen does have a 1 year warranty, but I didnt want another pair of terrible shoes. I really hate these shoes and hope you wont buy them. The 1 star "straight up sucks"rating is well deserved. I wish I had more hands, SO I COULD GIVE THIS BOOT 4 THUMBS DOWN!