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Daniel S.

Daniel S.

Daniel S.

Daniel S.wrote a review of on January 3, 2011

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Pros : Stylish, Lightweight
Cons : Bad V-Strap Connection, Loose on the Board, Bad V-Strap, Poorly Labeled, Highback Aesthetics Peel
Best Uses : Trash Bin
Describe Yourself : On The Mountain
Was this a gift? : No

I rode these bindings almost 10 times, and I'm sending them back. Here's why, with my Pros and Cons. I'll start with the pros, and then go to the Cons.

-Good-Looking. The light blue/purple color looked sick, especially on my board. The Spacecraft graphics look sick, except the black part on the back of the highback starts peeling off.

-Lightweight. These bindings are incredibly light, which on a light board like mine made for some good pop and air time.


-V Strap Connection: This is my least favorite thing about this binding. For some reason, the material that connects the V Strap to the main part of the binding is Velcro. Velcro does not work on snow at all. I would have to lick the Velcro after every run so that the snow would melt off of it and I could reattach the V strap to the main part of the binding. By this time the V Strap would be hanging loosely on the end of the binding, making for an incredibly non responsive ride. The Velcro had also started to rip from the connector, so soon there would have even been no Velcro. I resorted to using rubber bands to hold the V Strap and the ankle strap together.

-Highback- The random non plastic piece on the baack of the highback peeled of after a couple days on them. No affect on the performance, but it didn't look good.

Wedgie Footpads- The Wedgie Footpads worked great. Unfortunately, the footpads weren't labeled at all, so during my whole time riding I never knew if I was riding the 2.5s or the 4.0s.

V Strap Adjustability- No matter how much I adjusted the V Strap, it never got just right on the toe of my boot. And I'm using a Ride boot, so they should be pretty compatible. It was always loose and didn't evenly cover the toe.

I wanted these bindings for 7 months, and I ordered them in September. When I finally got them in December, after months of estimated ship date set backs and information that kept falling through, I got my bindings. I was excited to use them, and finally try the bindings I had dreamed about for so long. I was not biased against them, if anything, I was biased towards them. I tried my best to like them, but I just couldn't. Unresponsive, and with tons of design flaws, these are terrible bindings. When I pay $300 for bindings, I want them to ride like I paid $300 dollars for them. But they didn't. I'm returning them and I'll buy some Alpha MVMNTs, and hope for better results. With the exception of these bindings, I love Ride, and have always known them to make great stuff. So keep up the good work on everything but these Ride!