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seattlehikerwrote a review of on May 31, 2011

3 5

I bought this headlamp a few months before the Storm came out. It was a good headlamp but since I didn't really use it when the Storm came out I returned it and bought that.

For the additional $10 the Storm is a better deal (waterproof, regulated, flood beam twice as bright, main beam 25% brighter.

However the spot beam is a little better looking in the Spot. It's not great in the Spot however just better than the Storm. The problem is just the cheap optics used. It's quite usable however.

Before the Storm came out I'd say the Spot beat everything out there in its category. The user interface is logical and if you read the instructions once you won't have to read them again.

The lockout mode, battery indicator lights, ability to use the red lights without triggering white light first...these are all great features.

The flood mode produces very pleasing light but it's just a little too weak to be useful outside of the tent. This is corrected in the Storm however.

I like the button better on the Spot even though it is a bit hard to find.

There isn't a better headlamp out there for this price.




seattlehikerwrote a review of on May 31, 2011

4 5

Most of the positives have been mentioned but I'll mention a few that I really like. Battery lockout, regulated output, infinite adjustment (ramping) for output and ability to get to red mode without turning on the white mode first. It's waterproof as well.

I don't like the spot output beam (ugly). I put translucent tape over it as a diffuser and it's now very nice and still throws the light (just not as far).

The flood mode leds aren't as efficient power consumption-wise as the main (spot)leds. I checked using a current meter. As a matter of fact when you use the flood light at 25 lumens it uses about the same current as the spot light does at 100 lumens.

There is glare (at least with the Mango colored one I have) as the body is translucent along the bottom once the light is actually on. It isn't bad but I used black electricians tape to fix this.

The button is hard to locate by touch.

The user interface in general is very good and logical. Once you've read the instructions you'll never need to read them again. However one aspect that is annoying is that you can't make it come on in the same mode every time. The spot and flood modes toggle back and forth every time you turn the light on.

This means that if you always use it in spot mode it will always come on in the mode that you don't use (flood).

The ugly spot beam is not because of the led used but rather is because of the optic chosen. Why they did this I have no idea. There are plenty of decent plastic optics out there at cheap prices.

There are a lot of features in this light and for the most part they are integrated well.

The light is a bit heavy. There is really no need for 4 AAA batteries. I'm sure the only reason they did this was for marketing reasons. The light on max has an output of 100 lumens and the Spot on max has an output of 75 lumens yet they both can be advertised with the same run time. This is why they put the 4th battery in the Storm so that they could make that marketing claim.

It just makes this light heavier. This light weighs 3.9 oz with batteries. By comparison the Petzl Tikki XP weights 3.1 oz and is smaller.




seattlehikerwrote a review of on May 31, 2011

4 5

This is a simple, light weigh headlamp with only a couple of areas for improvement.

I'm actually surprised to see that almost all of the reviews only list the positives with no negatives...come's more helpful to someone who hasn't made a purchase yet to include both the pluses and minuses :)

I agree with all of the positive comments. There are three areas for improvement however. The most minor is in how you get to the red light mode. It flashes the white light before the red light comes on. This screws up night vision which is the whole purpose behind the red light in the first place.

There is a transparent panel in the bottom of the headlamp which causes glare to the user as does the horizontal tab on the diffuser. It doesn't make sense to have a transparent panel on the bottom of the headlamp.

The third area for improvement is in the low mode. It's 30 lumens. That's a decent medium mode but this light needs a true low mode as in 5 lumens. The batteries would last much longer and when you are just sitting around camp or in the tent (but not reading) 30 lumens is too much.

Otherwise this is almost a perfect light. There are brighter lights out there but for camping/hiking you rarely need more than 60 lumens. Actually 60 is too much sometimes.

I love this headlamp but I'd like to see the glare issue and the low mode improved.