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Dan C.

Dan C.

Dan C.

Dan C.wrote a review of on March 18, 2013

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There was a time in my life... a dark shadowy time filled with sorrow in which I longed to be able to dance. My mind a constant flurry of fox-trots, do se dos, waltz, and pop lock and drop its, but alas... my feet, my poor wretched incapable feet could produce no soul inspiring booty shaking, moon walking, or charlestons. I lived... a danceless life.

I would stand in my dark candle lit room face to face with a sickening excuse for a performer staring back at me from the mirror and weep as my body yearned for some creative expression! Then! From the back of my mind a call reached out... "baaaaaccckkkk coooouuunnttry......coooom...... Maaaysssiisss." I listened closely as the words came circling in and meaning drove me to the internet! I searched! I found! I sent out my meager fortune and invested in a gamble... a bit I had not even tried on before hand. I trusted my souls guidance!

Not two weeks later a messenger from the Lord delivered unto me a great and marvelous gift! A boon from the angels! I quickly rent the packaging asunder and plunged in my hands to bask in the glory of the gear which would shod my forsaken feet!

Love at first touch... the very phrase was reborn. My feet began tapping... the music began playing! My soul began quaking!! The world shone brighter! The beat exploded from my lungs and the Dance, the sweet sweet dance sprung forth like a sinner given escaping the very shackles of hell! I danced such sweet toe tapping heart pounding dance!

The Dance lives in me always! My feet cry out a song of joy at all hours! I had to remove the very sheets from my bed to allow for a constant all night dance! My pants must be sewn on daily to work around the glorious boot that has replaced mine very feet! I caution thee... if you wish to experience another ounce of sadness in your life... do not don these boots for once equipped... the world... is brighter always.

Oh, and they are good to snowboard in too.