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All up and down SF canyon/ Diamond Fork, the North and South Western end of the San Rafael, and any where else remote and unpopulated.

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I am the new outdoors dirt bag. I am disenchanted with having to buy anything to be the "real" (insert sport here). Just go do it! Forget the yup!


SCoyotewrote a review of on June 20, 2012

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I have this rack rack for a fews months now and I am impressed. I had a $400 hitch rack on my last car and the Boa is just as stable and secure. I have 2 bike mounts and I will probably trade out my other for the Boa. Of course my car fits my bikes wheel base perfectly, so I haven't had a problem with that fit. It is a great rack at a good price. If your car will fit your bikes wheel base. I would also recommend a front tire mount for easy transportation.