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Sandra M.

Sandra M.

Sandra M.

Sandra M.wrote a review of on March 19, 2011

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This is a lightweight jacket, great for layering in the winter when cross country skiing. I wear it under a fleece 'sweater' and over my base layer when the wind is roaring and it's into the negative digits with windchill. When running, it's great as an outer layer over a base layer unless it's really brutally cold, in which case i run inside! Great looking jacket, too. As another reviewer pointed out, the windstopper doesn't go down far in the back, only about shoulder level, not ideal for a tail wind when you've been sweating and hit a tail wind. It does help keep you from over-heating, however. Lots of pockets for mp3 player, gu, gloves, handkerchief, etc.




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Sandra M.

Sandra M.wrote a question about on May 1, 2010

any idea about how this holds up to wind and rain? My nephew (17) wants to go to D-Day paintball in Oklahoma with five buddies. I cringe to think of them walking around in my nice floored tent without removing shoes...hey, they're men, right? :) Rain, hail, and high winds are to be expected. I don't' want to buy them a tent that's going to collapse on them. I'm thinking of buying them this and the four man and two man docking station. Does anyone have any experience at all with this tent?