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Samuel M.

Samuel M.

Samuel M.

Samuel M.wrote a question about on December 20, 2012

I'm looking at the 156 for a rails/park board. My last 2 boards have been Arbor draft and Neversummer Sl, great boards for their areas. I snapped the draft in Japan, so have been Riding the SL (161) most of the time. Great board for all mountain riding but need a more park/rails specific board that can hold up on bigger jumps, as this is where the draft let me down. This board looks perfect for me because i'm looking to move back to traditional camber. Any advice would be much appreciated. I am 5'10, 75kg



Samuel M.

Samuel M.wrote a review of on October 6, 2011

5 5

I bought last years model of this board and I cant praise it enough. I am 5'10 about 75kgs, US 10 boot and bought a 153. It is super playful and really soft and easy to throw around. The rocker is great for manuals/ presses and in the pow I was surprised how well it floated with a wide stance.

The griptech works wonders as well, it holds an edge beautifully in hard packed and icy conditions. I also found that when spinning 360s or whatever, if I didn't land perfectly it would just throw me into a turn instead of skidding out.

The base is quick and it's great for picking up speed for jumps, but It does sketch out a bit when you pick up some speed going down the groomers. The longer models might be a bit better depending on your weight and height.

Its a really good progressive board for beginner/ intermediate park riders and it's awesome fun for messing around on.