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sa_baxter1259361wrote a review of on December 9, 2010

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These shoes perform AWESOME for the RMNP high well as IC splitters, and Zion Adventure Choss. Best Diamond shoe ever!

However, these shoes are also up there as the absolute most poorly contructed shoes Ive ever owned in terms of durability. Only a couple days of offwidthing and the rand around the toe box is peeling clear off. The little "slingshot" rand deal (curved rubber strip on the side of the shoe that is a signature aspect of this and the miura) is delaminated completely on both shoes. The gentleman at Rock and Resole in Boulder told me this is the case with EVERY pair they get. My muiras have had 2 resoles over 2 years and have yet to have the durabulity issues that these have had.

Bottom line - Climbs GREAT, but be ready to drop some cash to keep rocking it in these shoes