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Steven  V.

Steven V.

Steven  V.

Steven V.wrote a review of on August 12, 2012

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the look and durability was the appeal for my purchase. Ive only seen 2 other people with this type and thought, clever design and avoid any flip flop blow out in all situations. the price was a bit steep for a flip flop then figured it would be a decent investment that would survive the price. I have owned my flip flops for about 60 days, and they've already started to split. I wear them in and around the house, check the mail, might even have worn them to the grocery store- ive done nothing extreme, not even sure if they have gotten wet... I do, I really do like them- but cant afford to buy a new pair every 2 months - maybe i should just go back to buying the $3.99 flops, and chance the explosion...