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Robert C.

Robert C.

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Robert C.

Robert C.wrote a review of on March 17, 2009

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This is my first Camelbak; I bought it mainly for hiking, biking and skating. I selected this particular model because it lies between the Slip Stream and the Rogue in terms of overall size and storage capacity. I wanted something very light and small on my back but with enough storage for a few energy bars, first-aid kit, phone and camera. I felt the Slip Stream would not be able to accommodate all this and that the Rogue would be too long (2" more than the Velocity).

However, I didn't foresee how awkwardly the detachable saddlebag is implemented (didn't get a chance to play with one in a store); it takes some time and manual dexterity to attach and detach. It really beggars the question, why not just make it a simple zippered pocket? The pack could have had more storage capacity if it were designed that way instead. I really had to rack my brain to think of a situation in which I could use the detachable system to full advantage. Additionally the saddlebag itself is pretty tiny; I can jam a phone and maybe two Clif bars in there.

Having said that, the overall quality is excellent, it looks good, and it's fairly stable with the sternum strap (unless you bend over too far, in which case it will slide over your head).

Bottom line: if you know you'll use the detachable saddlebag system, definitely go for it. Otherwise, go with the Rogue if you can live with the extra 2" length (you get much more storage capacity) or the Slip Stream (if you don't need the storage capacity).

PS-It's made in the Philippines.