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Richard L.

Richard L.

Richard L.

Richard L.wrote a review of on August 14, 2012

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I bought this primarily because I needed a way to tie down the front and rear of my new paddle board to avoid it flying off down the highway, needed pads to protect it on the roof rack, plus I wanted to lock my valuable board against theft. I couldn't find any other gear online that would do all under $200. The Wave Hog comes with pads, front and rear tie down system and lockable straps in one package. You can buy the components separately. I like Yakima and decided to give it a try despite only fair reviews. I've used it for three weekend trips so far.
I have a 1999 Toyota Sienna minivan with a Yakima rack (no factory rack) and the crossbars are fairly close together, so there is a lot of overhang at both ends of the board. I knew I would really need to secure the board carefully. I have front and rear tiedowns for my 2 kayaks using J-racks, but there aren't built-in tie down points on the paddle board.
Wave Hog has a SUP BRAH, an ingenious way of looping straps around each end of the board and tieing them together so they stay on securely while also providing tie down connections at front and rear of the board. It comes with the usual Yakima-style straps and buckles for securing from the board to tie down points on the vehicle and work fine. I've had the van up to 70 mph, one kayak in a J-rack and the board laid flat, with no problems. Other reviews complained it was too complicated but my reading gave me the impression they really didn't need the front and rear tie downs. I thought it easy enough. I don't have experience with other systems so can't truly compare. If you need tiedowns as I do, it's a good workable choice.
But the SOUL crossbar pads that come with the Wave Hog are abysmal- they're too narrow, too stiff, and won't stay in place. Better to use foam, like pipe insulation or a pool noodle with straps. Or buy a better set of pads from another company.
The RIPCORD straps with steel cables inside and locks are OK, a bit stiff, but they do the job of protecting against casual theft, and are easy enough to use.
Bottom line - if you need front and rear tiedowns for your paddle board, basic pads to attach to your rack, and also want to lock up your board to prevent casual theft, the Wave Hog package is a good deal and recommended. I paid $116 for all, separately would be $155. You may want to buy only the components you need.