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rian.mulli1928390wrote a review of on December 11, 2013

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Familiarity: I returned this product before using it
Fit: Runs small

I don't really want to give a star review, because it doesn't seem fair, I just want to comment on the fit. I liked the jacket from my short time with it, but the fit is a problem, I wish I could have kept it.

I bought one and it was too tight in the chest, and that is not normally I problem I encounter. I disagree with a reviewer below that this fits larger than Arc'teryx down pieces, at least the Thorium.
At least in the chest, mine was smaller than Arc'teryx's down pieces (Thorium), significantly smaller. I am 6'1", 220 lbs and the XL fit well everywhere except the chest seemed about 3 inches too small, it was binding, whereas the Arc'teryx piece fit fine. This isn't a problem I usually have. I like the length, the waist size, the arm length, the wrist size, the shoulder fit, but the chest was way too tight.

Edit: Comparing the sizing charts of Mammut and Arc'teryx, I see that, for a given size, Arc'teryx has the same waist but a bigger chest. For a any size, Arc'teryx has the chest being 7" bigger than the waist, whereas Mammut has the chest being only 4.5" bigger than the waist. Apparently the Swiss are small chested people.

Their size charts seem to be pretty similar to Arc'teryx's, except that the chest circumferences are about 3 inches smaller.





rian.mulli1928390wrote a review of on December 8, 2010

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Firstly, they are not at all windproof, as stated here.
They aren't supposed to be; they are a lightly insulated glove with a hardface to be somewhat wind resistant and to have some moisture shedding ability in temperatures from maybe 35 to 45 degrees F. , or to be used as a liner in a shell. But they are way overpriced for that purpose and the features they have.

My biggest complaint about them is the stitching/seams in the palm is/are uncomfortable when riding a bike and, I am sure, for many other activities. There's just too much of it, and the seams are too big.

I also think they should be windproof, or nearly so. I have many Arc'teryx jackets, and I really appreciate the ones that aren't completely windproof (e.g. the Gammas and theEpsilons ), because when you are working hard in colder environs, having some controlled amount of the wind blowing through your shell really helps in getting rid of the sweat. But I disagree with making that choice for your hands; your hands are small with a high surface area and are much more susceptible to the cooling effects of wind than your torso, and I find that having WindStopper in gloves is a good idea.

I don't understand all the great reviews for these gloves. They are not very warm, yet many of the reviews say they are - maybe if you are from the south they seem warm to you. They are not very wind resistant, and they are way overpriced. I think people either people are just enamored with their new Arc'teryx product (which is certainly apt to happen), they are reviewing the wrong glove (it can get confusing - I had to look up which ones I bought), or maybe they're just from places where they think 45 degrees F is frigid.